Grade 2 at CKS

Second grade is a Sacramental year as the children learn about, and begin to understand the true meaning of forgiveness and repentance through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Preparations for First Holy Communion bring them ever closer to the mystery of the perfect love of our brother and Lord, Jesus Christ.


An important element of second grade sacramental preparation is understanding that the gift of forgiveness includes forgiving others as well as being forgiven ourselves, and that being truly sorry is underscored by a sincere desire to not repeat hurtful or wrong behaviors. Through Reconciliation, children are led to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. First Holy Communion brings us ever closer to our God, through his Son and helps the children learn to distinguish the connections between life and faith.

Language Arts

Second grade continues the use of Pearson Reading Street and uses Simple Solutions Grammar Workbook. Reading, writing, spelling, phonics, and grammar are incorporated into daily lessons. All second grade teachers have Orton-Gillingham training to assist them in reading instruction.


Christ the King School uses the Handwriting without Tears handwriting program for Kindergarten through third grade. This program uses an easy step-by-step approach to learn handwriting and creates a solid foundation upon which elementary students can build.


Children receive a balanced curriculum that promotes conceptual, computational, and problem solving efficiency. Sadlier Progress in Math series is used to assist teachers with instruction.

Social Studies

Social Studies engages students in the areas of history, geography, citizenship and the economy. Georgia history and the history of our Catholic faith are key components.


The science curriculum, based in scientific inquiry, focuses on earth, life, and physical sciences.

Service Projects

As an outgrowth of science and religion classes, second graders work to save our planet. The students organize recycling of various items each year for the entire school. They make sure that "Go Green" posters are placed around the school with tips for going green. Each year second graders participate in a new “green project.”

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