Grade 4 at CKS

Fourth grade continues to emphasize the acquisition of solid learning skills and the construction of a strong learning foundation while placing increasing emphasis on the student's role in his or her own academic success.


The fourth grade religion program is divided into three parts: Doctrine, Scripture, and the Liturgical Seasons. A perennial favorite, we also plan and participate in the All Saints' Mass.

Language Arts

The fourth grade reading program provides a comprehensive approach to the study of literature and vocabulary development. We use a theme-based anthology text with an additional novel read quarterly as support. In English, we focus on language and usage through the continued study of grammar, mechanics and composition.


Our program focuses on making mathematics relevant to daily life. By beginning each class with math problem solving, students view mathematics as a way of thinking and reasoning. The content focuses on Number Sense, Time, Data and Graphs, Measurement, Decimals, as well as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

Social Studies

The fourth grade program explores the early history of our country from its first inhabitants up through the Revolutionary War. We also incorporate a study of map and globe interpretation, and capitals and states. History is explored through geography, citizenship and the economy of the time. Williamsburg Electronic Field Trips enrich the study of early US History.


The science program develops concepts through inquiry, observation and investigation. Course units covered include earth, life, and physical sciences. This program integrates engineering with hands-on activities and the use of technology.

Service Projects

Fourth grade students use a hands-on approach in service to others, while investing their own time and talent. Each student in fourth grade prepares a Christmas placemat for each senior of the Cathedral Parish of Christ the King, who attends the Seniors Christmas Party. The students also prepare and present a program of Christmas carols. The spirit and joy of the Christmas season is enjoyed by everyone.

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