Grade 5 at CKS

Fresh out of fourth grade, students arrive at the doorstep of fifth grade where they will be met with an academically challenging program whose mission is to prepare them to confidently and successfully cross the threshold from the elementary grades into the hallways of the Middle School.


The fifth grade religion program concentrates on three essential elements of the Catholic faith: doctrine, scripture, and the celebration of the liturgical seasons. The students recognize that what we believe, how we worship, how we live, and how we pray make a difference in our lives.  

Language Arts

The fifth grade English program focuses on language and usage through the continued study of grammar, mechanics, and composition. Special attention is given to the parts of speech and sentence structure. The spelling program presents an integrated language arts approach to the study of spelling. The program is based on three fundamental goals: To learn and spell common spelling patterns and troublesome words, to learn strategies related to sounds and spelling patterns, and to link spelling and meaning. The reading program provides a comprehensive approach to the study of literature. The program emphasizes the use of reading strategies as a technique in the development of successful readers. The students use a theme-based anthology text, with one additional novel read quarterly as support. 


Our program focuses on making mathematics meaningful and relevant. It stresses number sense to increase proficiency in computation and problem solving. Conceptual focus is on Algebra, Graphing Data, Decimals, Fractions, and Geometry. Sadlier Progress in Math supports the math curriculum.


The fifth grade science program develops a firm foundation of science knowledge and understanding of basic science concepts related to the units of study. Students begin with the study and application of the scientific method, proceeding to concepts in earth, life, and physical sciences.

Social Studies

Fifth grade social studies classes study U.S. history, geography, economics and citizenship. Students learn about culture, religious beliefs, government and various other aspects of life in 19th and 20th century United States. The Country of Origin project and presentation each spring highlights cultures across the globe.

Fifth grade is rich with curriculum enhancing activities that support and extend learning. Major curriculum projects include the Oratory Contest, Country of Origin Report & Celebration. Vocations Day, an Archdiocesan event gives 5th Graders a chance to gather together to learn more about the call to a Religious vocation.

Service Projects

The fifth graders at Christ the King School will collect eyeglasses for the Lions Club Recycle Eyeglass program which will help conserve sight by providing usable eyeglasses to children and adults. These donated eyeglasses help millions experience corrected vision for the first time, enabling them to read, attend school, gain employment and take care of their families. The students organize collection boxes for the eyeglasses, request families bring their old eyeglasses to school, sort and bring the eyeglasses to a Lions Club drop-off location. This service project gives added meaning to the song, "Open My Eyes, Lord."


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