Curriculum Information/Grading Scale

The instructional program at Christ the King school allows for a progression of skills and competencies. Each student is encouraged to advance at the pace most appropriate to his or her age, developmental stage and ability, and to accept the responsibility for his or her own learning. Christ the King School is accredited by and meets the standards of AdvancEd, the parent company of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). All teachers maintain valid certification. Students at all levels receive instruction in the core subjects of religion, reading, mathematics, language arts, spelling, writing, science, social studies, and the enrichment programs.

The grading scale for grades Kindergarten, Pre-first, and First is as follows:

S = Secure
D = Developing
B = Beginning
I = Insufficient Progress
NE = Not evaluated

In accordance with the policy of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, the grading scale for grades 2-8 is as follows:

69 and below..............F

The Curriculum Coordinator of Christ the King School is responsible for scheduling, program/curriculum development, enrichment programs, and text selection in consultation with the faculty and administration. The exception is the religion curriculum and text selection which is the responsibility of the school's Religion Coordinator.


Reporting and Grading

A report card will be issued for all grades at the end of each quarter to inform parents of their child's progress. In addition, student’s grades are visible on PlusPortals for second through eighth grade classes.

Parents of Kindergarten students will receive four (4) report cards, three (3) interim progress reports and will have three (3) scheduled Parent-Teacher Conferences. For grades pre-first through eighth, Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled on the school calendar once a year with an optional conference in February. Additional conferences are available as needed and must be pre-scheduled between the teacher and parent. Report card grades and comments will not be changed without supporting data and documentation; all such changes require the principal's approval.



To recognize excellent growth in Christian character, certificates are awarded to students in grade levels K-8 as determined by their classroom teacher. In January each year at the Peace and Justice Mass, one boy and one girl from each homeroom are recognized by their peers as peacemakers. Throughout the school year, groups of students who serve the school and parish community are also recognized.


Honor Roll

The purpose of the Honor Roll is to reward outstanding scholastic achievement for students in grades 4-8 who are highly motivated, responsible, hard working and whose work reflects these qualities. The Honor Roll is divided into three (3) areas:

Principal's Honors

Requires all A's with 95% or higher in all academic and enrichment areas.

High Honors

Requires all A's with 90-94.99% in all academic and enrichment areas.


Indicates all A's and B's with at least 5 A's in core academic subject areas and no B below 85% in any subject area with a numeric grade. Core academic subjects are Religion, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

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