Music at CKS

The philosophy of our music program is to instill a love of music in each child; to provide an atmosphere that contributes to the emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, social, and physical development of each child; and to develop musicianship in each child.

Music RoomMusic is as much as part of our present culture as it is a part of our cultural heritage and most importantly, a gift from God. A well-balanced music program provides the basis for later music appreciation and participation, both in school and as an adult.

Music is an academic discipline which has a language of its own; therefore, music is an essential part of a balanced curriculum. The discipline learned in music transfers and supports classroom learning in all areas. In particular, this discipline provides continuity of learning in areas such as spatial relationships, sequencing, logical thinking, language development and creative expression. The experiences and activities in the music program have been developed in five conceptual areas: rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and expressive qualities.

Many of the approaches used in the music program are influenced by the pedagogical premises of Carl Orff's Schulwerk, the sequential movement process of Phyllis Weikart, and the process of structuring music reading experiences reflects Zoltan Kodaly process.

Essential experiences and learning activity samples in the music program stem from the knowledge of how children learn. The foundation of this program is based on the principle that music skills are first expressed through the body and the voice; instruments are viewed as an extension of these. Also, meaning must be brought to symbols. The students need experience in hearing, naming, and producing musical sounds before symbolization is introduced.

All students are involved in activities that represent a wide range of musical processes which include all focus areas: moving, speaking/singing, listening, playing, reading/notating, and creating/improvising. The program is characterized by a layered elemental ensemble approach. This begins with speech, movement and song and extends to unpitched percussion and barred instruments. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities by presenting demonstrations and programs for the school.

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