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Because the foundation of tomorrow lies in the hearts and minds of our children....

Since 1937, Christ the King School has been living out its mission by providing both an excellent education and a strong moral foundation for its students. Every gift that the school receives is important and is appreciated. Your gift shows support for Christ the King School, and translates into tangible opportunities for our students and faculty.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund Campaign goal is $360,000 for the 2011-2012 school year. Each dollar received through the Annual Fund is used in ‘real time’ for budget items that would otherwise have to be covered through higher tuition. In fact, gifts to the Annual Fund make up approximately 8% of the school's operating budget. Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund are very important in helping the school meet its most immediate needs, while at the same time providing a tax benefit for the donor. Christ the King School is blessed to receive contributions from current parents, alumni, past parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, friends, corporate matching gifts and foundations.

Endowment Fund

CKS Endowment Christ the King School's Advisory Council formally created the Endowment Fund in January 2005, after the Archdiocese discontinued subsidizing Catholic tuition. Unlike the Annual Fund which focuses on funding the school’s current year operations, the Endowment Fund focuses on ensuring Christ the King School's long-term financial viability. Our Endowment Fund will give us the ability to offer a greater number of students a Catholic education by keeping tuition increases to a minimum and by providing needs-based scholarships. The Fund will also enable us to offer our teachers financial assistance for their pursuit of advanced degrees, a benefit that will help us continue to recruit highly qualified teachers and increase retention.

Planned Giving: Sister Mary Clement Society

Planned giving describes any gift made from a donor's estate that helps support Christ the King School's Endowment Fund. Examples of ways to support the Sister Mary Clement Society include: naming the school as a beneficiary in your will, making a specific bequest to the school, giving the gift of stock or bonds from your estate; or the donation of all, or part of, a life insurance policy or a retirement fund.

Tuition Assistance & Scholarships Funds

Many members of our community donate directly to a Tuition Assistance Fund that helps families with financial need pay their tuition. In addition, the school awards eight other scholarships each year. Students who receive these monetary awards are chosen by the staff based on the criteria of the scholarship award, and are not needs-based. These scholarship awards include: Alumni Scholarship, Cullum Owings Scholarship, Kelner Family Scholarship, Mama Noel Murray Scholarship, Owen Stokes Scholarship, Sister Jean Liston Scholarship and the Tim Angulo Scholarship.

Types of gifts:

Cash Contributions
Unrestricted gifts of cash are the most popular and convenient way to support our school. Gifts may be made as a single donation or pledged and paid in installments. Cash gifts may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

> Matching Gifts
Many businesses have programs that will match your contribution to CKS. Ask your company's HR department for a matching gift form and simply send it in with your cash contribution. As much as 20% of the Annual Fund is made up of corporate matching gifts.

> Stocks and Securities
Gifts of securities, stocks or bonds—this type of gift is tax deductible and the donor may avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciated stock or security.
To learn more about supporting Christ the King School, please call Camille Naughton, Director of Development & Alumni Relations at 404-233-0383 x403 or email:

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