History of CKS

Christ the King School was founded in 1937, for the purpose of providing quality education in a Catholic environment. Despite the fact that the country was in the throes of the Great Depression, Gerald P. O’Hara, the Bishop of Savannah, felt that opening a Catholic school was the first priority of the newly formed Christ the King parish community.  Construction began in 1936 and the school was finished and blessed by Bishop O’Hara on October 31, 1937.  The Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart were the first administrators and teachers and established the strong educational foundation that continues today.

In 1940, the first high school classes were added to the school, and an all-girls high school flourished from that time until 1958 when St. Pius X Catholic High School was founded.  Christ the King School closed its high school that year and began using the extra classrooms for music and art instruction. The Hyland Center, which houses the school’s gym and several classrooms, was built in 1963 and was named for Bishop Francis E. Hyland.

In 1987, Christ the King School was named a National School of Excellence, and in 2007, a National Blue Ribbon School. Christ the King School is proud to have been twice recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for its outstanding academic programs.



Original CKS symbol with crown and cross

The Crest of Christ the King School

The crest of Christ the King School is navy blue and gold, the original colors chosen early in the school’s history.

The original CKS symbol was of Christ’s crown, placed over a cross. This long-time and cherished symbol was retained and incorporated into the new crest as the topmost portion, appearing as a navy blue crown atop the basic crest shape. The cross appears below the crown forming the four quadrants of the crest. Each quadrant and the surrounding oak leaves are visual descriptions of Christ the King School.



The Four Quadrants

The upper left quadrant of the cross depicts the lovely rosette window directly above the main altar in the Cathedral of Christ the King. Serving the needs of the parish, the school’s history springs from the establishment of the church and is an integral part of the richness of this vibrant Cathedral parish. The upper right quadrant pictures a navy fleur de lis over gold. This represents the immeasurable dedication and service of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, whose sisters provided over 54 years of excellent Catholic education from 1937 through 1991. The lower left quadrant is of Roary the Lion, a long-time symbol for the school. Roary represents the school in both its educational endeavors and its athletic programs through the sponsorship of the Cathedral of Christ the King. The lower right quadrant reminds us that the overall academic strengths of Christ the King School have reflected the best of Catholic education in Atlanta since 1937. Fronted by a shining, white cross, the textbook reflects our community’s investment in academic excellence within a Christ-centered environment.

The surrounding gold oak leaves represent the loving arms of our community – parish and parents – wrapped around the school. Their strength, determination, and support, held fast and strong through the years, provide the ongoing inspiration to achieve our mission to prepare our students to be contributing members of their church, community, and society.

Finally, the banner at the base of the crest supports not only the crest, but also the long-standing tradition of Catholic education through the ages. Throughout its history and through many generations, Christ the King School has been a hallmark of excellence in education.


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