We Believe...

  • Human beings are unique creatures of God, possessed with dignity, respect, compassion, and interdependence, who are inquisitive and anxious to learn.
  • The role of Christ the King School is to equip the child with the necessary skills to help the child grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, aesthetically, and socially within a Christian environment.
  • Learning is an on-going challenging process which recognizes individual differences and develops the total person through Catholic/Christian doctrine.
  • Teaching is a commitment to aid and guide other individuals in the learning process to discovery about themselves, the world, and ways of relating to their world.
  • Through education, students should be guided into making moral decisions and taking responsibility for their own actions.
  • Teaching and learning can best be accomplished by working together as a group with love and respect for each other in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.

Parent Philosophy

The parents of Christ the King School view education as a combined effort between the home and the school. Our quest for the development of the total child at Christ the King School encompasses and is based upon the following parent philosophies:

  • Guidance in a Catholic environment encompassing Christian values and principles including respect for self, respect for peers, respect for property, and respect for authority should provide a focus for education.
  • Education should provide an exposure to the diverse philosophies existing in today's world helping each child to gain the abilities and tools needed to cope in a healthy Christian manner based on right versus wrong rather than peer pressure.
  • The development of the total person should include a sense of personal responsibility, the desire to do one's best, and the recognition of the differences, strengths and weaknesses in all persons.
  • Learning should occur in an academically challenging environment for each child as a basis for promotion and preparation for future academic levels.

Guidelines for Growth

Education is a life-long process. It enlarges the capacity of our human spirit as well as our imagination. It demands constant nourishment and a mature openness to creative alternatives. To prepare young people for a world we ourselves cannot yet envision is no small task. It requires the concerned cooperation of parents, the school, and the child at all times. It calls for strong, mutual support, and honest discernment of what is really important in the development of the child. It means working together to foster in young people the kind of values we would like to see present in our future community. It includes being flexible enough to deal with each young person as a unique human being with something significant to contribute, yet firm enough to preserve the quality of life we seek for the whole community.

As educators and parents, we are united in our efforts to help young people become responsible, creative human beings. A child learns responsibility as he/she begins to take a more active role in choosing the outcome or consequences of his/her actions as they affect the wider community of home, friends, and school. Such growth happens only in an environment of fair-mindedness, caring warmth, mutual cooperation, and consistency. Our efforts to foster responsibility among students in a consistent, concerned manner is rooted in our belief in the student.

If the young person knows what is expected, knows the limits that have been set by caring adults, and has an active part in deciding what is best for the individual and overall community, then the student is more likely to responsibly choose the appropriate behavior or the consequences that result from his/her choice(s) of action.

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