Grade 1 at CKS

First Grade is an important and exciting milestone for every child! Here, for the first time, one of the most important lessons of life is applied and begins to have meaning for these young students - responsibility. Through class assignments and appropriate homework, first grade students develop pride, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment in their ability to succeed.


Children study the Catholic faith, focusing on the Church calendar, the Sacraments, and how God loves us and our community. The children are also encouraged to learn about God and to grow in their relationship with the Holy Trinity.

Language Arts

The Language Arts program in first grade integrates reading, phonics, spelling, grammar and writing. Pearson Reading Street is a phonics-based reading program that systematically addresses the first grade learner building skills over the course of the school year. Each day, time is devoted to sounds and letters, reading and responding, grammar and writing. The quick tempo of each lesson engages the students in learning through sight, sound and touch. All first grade teachers have obtained Orton-Gillingham training which assists them in the teaching of reading using drill work in sounds, spelling rules and kinesthetic reinforcement.


"Writing our Catholic Faith" and Handwriting without Tears continues to strengthen basic handwriting skills including proper pencil grip and correct letter formation. Many writing opportunities are provided throughout the day to develop fluency in handwriting.


Children learn addition and subtraction strategies, place value, telling time, measurement, counting money, geometric shapes, and mathematical patterns. Sadlier Progress in Math series is practiced along with calendar time and Number Talks.

Social Studies

Children learn about many themes such as American symbols, maps, holidays, and different communities. An emphasis is placed on learning to appreciate our heritage and the differences in our world.


Children are engaged in the scientific process to study earth, life, and physical science. Students learn to appreciate the wonders of God's creation through hands-on activities.

Service Projects

First Grade presents the annual Christmas play for the school community in December. By spring time, our students are ready to be liturgy leaders at the school's Easter mass. First grade students donate warm pajamas through Scholastic's Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive.

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