Student Awards, Honors and Scholarships

Quarterly Awards

Academic Honor Roll (Grades 4-8)

Principal's Honor Roll is awarded to students who have all A's with 95% or higher in all academic and enrichment areas.

High Honor Roll is awarded to students who have all A's with 90% or higher in all academic and enrichment areas.

Honor Roll is awarded to students who have all A's and B's, with at least five A’s in core academic subject areas and no B below 85% in any subject area with a numeric grade. Core academic subjects are Religion, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
Middle School Recognition

On Target is awarded to all Middle School Students who have reached the end of a quarter without receiving a "Performance Citation" for an incomplete or late assignment.
Principal's Performance and Conduct Lists are for Middle School students who have not received any Conduct or Performance citations or points in a quarter.

Teachers' Performance and Conduct Lists are for Middle School students who have received between one and three conduct or performance citations in a quarter.

National Junior Honor Society

Membership in the Christ the King School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society is an invitational honor bestowed upon deserving students by the faculty, and shall be based on the criteria of scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship and character. For further information, please see the NJHS page of the parent website or the NJHS site.

Peacemaker Awards

Each year during Peace and Justice week, Christ the King School recognizes one boy and one girl from each homeroom who have been outstanding role models for initiating just solutions in the classrooms and outside on the playground.

American Citizenship

The American Citizenship Award is given to Middle School students based on the following criteria:
• "A" in Conduct all year with fewer than 3 points all year
• "A" in Performance all year with fewer than 3 points all year
• Be involved in at least one community, church or school service activity
• Show responsibility for property and work
• Show respect for authority and peers
• Display maturity in classroom activities and discussions by participating in a respectful and appropriate manner
• Display a positive attitude toward classmates, school and community
• Show strength of character and the courage to do what is right

Blessed Trinity Book Award

In recognition of the treasure and academic achievement possible in and through the printed word, Blessed Trinity High School awards a keepsake book to an outstanding 7th grader who excels academically. The recipient is chosen upon the recommendation of Christ the King's faculty and administration.

Student Scholarship Awards

Timothy Angulo Scholarship
The Timothy Angulo Scholarship is awarded to a rising 7th grader who will be returning to CKS for the 8th grade. Scholarship requirements include: community involvement, respect for self and others, daily example of Christian behavior, good sportsmanship, compassionate, trustworthy, loyal, helpful and cheerful.

PVA Scholarships
The Parent Volunteer Association awards a scholarship to a rising 8th grade boy and girl. These students must have completed both 6th and 7th grades at CKS. These students should exemplify academic scholarship, citizenship, school spirit, Christian ideals and moral values.

Alumni Scholarship
The Alumni Scholarship is awarded to a rising 8th grader who is returning to CKS. This student must be Catholic and live their Catholic faith by showing the following traits: citizenship, responsibility, service to others, being a self-starter, going above and beyond what is asked, a commitment to family, and a good ambassador for the school.

Sister Jean Liston Scholarship
The Sister Jean Liston Scholarship is awarded to a current 4th grader who embodies the teachings of St. Marguerite d’Youville, Mother of Universal Charity, and founder of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart. This student must possess the values of peace, justice and compassion in his or her daily life and demonstrate Sr. Jean's passion and proficiency in mathematics.

Cullum Owings Scholarships
The Cullum Owings Scholarships are awarded to a 5th grade boy and a 5th grade girl who are returning to CKS for the 6th grade. The recipients must be like Cullum: well-rounded (displaying a balance of academic, athletic and social interests), compassionate (showing kindness to all), a leader (displaying natural leadership in and outside of the classroom), and someone who makes the school community all the better by his or her presence. Candidates for this scholarship are nominated by their peers and teachers and then invited to apply for the scholarship. Applications are reviewed by a panel that included members of the Owings family and a member of the administration.

Noel and Bud Murray Scholarship
The Noel and Bud Murray Scholarship is awarded to an 8th grade student who always puts forth his/her best effort, is kind and helpful to others, volunteers his/her talents, respects authority, is a peace maker, and grows in God’s grace each day.

Katherine Johansen Davis Scholarship
The Katherine Davis Scholarship is for a 5th grade student who uses his/her talents and gifts toward making Christ the King School a more Christ-like environment. The recipient will be selected by a faculty committee and approved by the school principal.

Kelner Family Scholarship
The Kelner Family Scholarship is awarded to an 8th grade student who exemplifies ethics, effort, responsibility, loyalty and contribution to the class and school.

Owen Stokes Scholarship
The Owen Stokes Scholarship is awarded to a kindergarten boy at CKS who has a passion for reading, sports, arts and crafts. The recipient must also be kind, well-mannered, good at sharing, and always ready to do the right thing. Preference will be given to a kindergarten student who has siblings at CKS.

Camp Schweers Scholarship
The Camp Schweers Scholarship is awarded to a 7th grade student who is artistic and well rounded and makes Christ the King School a better place because of his/her presence.

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