Extra-Curricular Activities

Christ the King students participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities.  A number of additional recreation and enrichment programs are offered by the Cathedral.  Click Recreation Ministry for details.

Catholic Math League

Catholic Math League is a national math competition used by hundreds of Catholic schools throughout the nation to aid in the development of the mathematical skills in the lives of their students. Math competitions are offered for grades three through eight. There will be four contests, each consisting of a thirty minutes long test. Over the years, CKS has had several students place at the national level! We hope you’ll join our “mathletes!”


Each morning, the CKS community begins its day with student-led prayers and announcements broadcast over the school network and viewed on classroom SMART Boards. Students from each grade are given the opportunity to read their prayer and their families are invited to join them. On Fridays, 7th grade students act as newscasters and bring stories of interest to the other students.

Girl Scouts/
Boy Scouts

Students may participate in Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts through the national organizations of the Girl Scouts of America and the Boy Scouts of America. These national organizations support activities that build character in children and young adults. Parent volunteers organize troop activities that support the mission of both national organizations, providing opportunities for fellowship and personal development with field trips, meetings, and campouts.


Each year, a team of Middle School students works with CKS faculty to create the school yearbook. The students are responsible for setting the work schedule, providing photography skills, collecting photographs of school events and groups, editing, layout, and coordinating with the printer. Weekly meetings during the school day provide the time needed for the student staff to plan and execute their designs.


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