Sports and Recreation


Cathedral of Christ the King

St. Pius X Catholic High School

St. Pius X coordinates extra-curricular sports activities open to all Archdiocesan Middle School students, including:

Cheerleading - 6th/7th and 8th Grade

Wrestling - Boys 6th-8th Grade


Football - 6th/7th and 8th Grade  

Baseball - Boys 7th-8th Grade

Basketball - Boys - 7th and 8th Grade
                  Girls - 7th and 8th Grade

Lacrosse - Boys 6th-8th Grade
                Girls 6th-8th Grade

Fast Pitch Softball - Girls 6th-8th Grade

Soccer - Boys 6th-8th Grade
             Girls 6th -8th Grade

Volleyball - Girls 6th-8th Grade

Cross Country - Boys/Girls Coed - 6th - 8th Grade

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Hours: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm
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