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A gift to the Annual Fund is the single most important donation you will make to CKS as a parent. Annual Fund gifts are used to offset the operating budget of the school, which in turn lowers the rate of tuition for all students. The school has a long history of nearly 100% participation in the Annual Fund, and all parents are asked to support this effort.

In 2015, fundraising efforts began for the Capital Campaign to renovate three buildings and replace the Hyland Center. The campaign goal is $30 million dollars. To date, we have raised $28 million. The last campaign on the campus was in 1999. We are asking families to invest in a sacrificial gift over the next four years and pay it forward for generations to come. We believe God has put us in this time and place to Continue His Mission just like he did with our founding families and the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart so long ago.

The Parent Volunteer Association organizes numerous social, educational and spiritual events each year that create the sense of community that is so strong at CKS. In addition, the PVA raises significant funds through sponsorships, fundraisers and financial support of events including the Gala, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Bocce and others. Parents have many opportunities to support these PVA programs with their time, talent and treasure. The Community Partner Program is designed to support the school through allowing marketing exposure of our 350 families to companies. In addition, the family sponsorship is a one and done way to support the PVA’s efforts while gaining access to the community events throughout the year, including tickets to the Gala.

Throughout the year, the CKS Serves committee seeks donations for CKS Serves and various other service-centered drives. The CKS Day of Service is August 25th. Mark your calendar to join us.

We are asking all supporters of the school to also consider a gift to the Endowment Fund. While the Annual Fund supports school operations, the Endowment Fund will continue to grow and the school will benefit from the interest that the Fund generates. Earnings are earmarked for teacher advanced degrees, student scholarships and as a way to keep tuition increases to a minimum.

Gifts of any size to our Tuition Assistance Fund or any of our Scholarship Funds are encouraged. These funds include scholarships in the name of: Cullum Owings; Owen Stokes; Tim Angulo; Noel & Bud Murray; Katherine Johansen Davis; Sister Jean Liston; the Kelner Family, Camp Schweers Scholarship Fund and Alumni Scholarship.

Through an estate gift that designates Christ the King School as the recipient, a donor can make provisions for the school without any expense to them during their lifetime. All planned gifts designated for CKS are earmarked for the Endowment Fund and will provide long-term financial stability for the school.

GRACE Scholars, Inc. is the Archdiocesan Student Scholarship Organization(SSO)that allows Georgia tax payers to divert a portion of their state tax obligation to help students with financial need attend Archdiocesan Catholic schools. All parents are encouraged to consider participation in this program which is simply a diversion of existing tax obligation and costs the donor nothing. For more information, see


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