CKS Day at Caja Popcorn
Friday April 25
Please celebrate CKS Day at Caja Popcorn Peachtree Battle shopping center, Friday, April 25, from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. Show your support for CKS by bringing your children, friends and family for popcorn as 20% of the proceeds will be donated back to the school. And, as a bonus, CKS mom Candice Piontek with Berkshire Hathaway Homes will match proceeds up to $300.
True Blue Schools
Have you heard about the Georgia Natural Gas TrueBlue Schools program? Since the program began in 2009, CKS has earned a total of $24,710. This free money comes to the school because GNG customers add CKS to their account. For each person who does so, CKS receives $60 per year at no cost to the customer. Go to TrueBlue Schools and sign up today!


At CKS, we are committed to providing a well-rounded education, with Christ at the center of all that we do. Our students apply their faith in justice and compassion through Christian service and witness. 

Christ the King School provides an excellent academic foundation in an atmosphere defined by the Catholic principles of respect, responsibility and recognition of each student’s natural capacity for growth in faith, abilities and character.

Christ the King School was founded in 1937 by what was then the Diocese of Savannah-Atlanta and staffed by the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart. Christ the King School has continued to serve the Atlanta community for over 75 years. Beginning with 60 students, the school today enrolls over 560 students in grades Kindergarten through eight.

The Archdiocesan Office of Child and Youth Protection oversee the implementation of the Safe Environment programs at schools and parishes. Christ the King School ensures that parent volunteers are compliant with all Safe Environment requirements. 


April 25
CKS Day at Caja Popcorn

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